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Home insurances in Sweden has more extensive protection than many people think. It’s easy to associate the coverage with only the things you see in your home, but the insurance also covers many situations outside your residence. Hera are five tips on things in your Swedish home insurance that you may not know was covered.

Insured when travelling

Travel coverage is included as one of eight basic covers in home insurance. It protects, among other things, in the event of illness, accidents and damage during your trip abroad. You can also receive compensation for lost luggage, delays or if you are forced to cancel a trip. There is quite a lot that is included and therefore you should always check what your home insurance covers before you buy a separate travel insurance. This is something that sets home insurance in Sweden apart from insurances in other countries.

Travel insurance also applies within Sweden

As soon as you leave your insured residence, a travel journey begins. A lot can happen on the way to the bus or when you pack your car and heads out to your country cottage. Fortunately, travel coverage is included in your Swedish home insurance, which therefore not only applies when you travel to other countries, but also for shorter trips in the local area. In some home insurances, travel insurance within Sweden only applies when the trip is planned to last at least two days.

Protection for getting sued

What happens if you have a water leak in your apartment that affects your neighbor? Or if your dog causes a bite injury on someone outside your family? This can lead to that someone is suing you and claims compensation for damages, which can be rather large amounts. Your home insurance can help out with investigation, negotiation, reimburses court costs and pay for damages.

Support in court

For the reasons mentioned above, you may end up in a legal dispute. There might occur disputes about custody, heritage or your residence. To run a legal case in the district court or supreme court is both difficult and very expensive. Through your home insurance, you can get both legal advice and financial compensation, to hire a lawyer for example.

Assault coverage

The consequences of a robbery, violence or an assault can be devastating. The wounds can become deep and may never heal completely. What home insurance can help with is the financial situation and provide compensation for costs as a result of an assault.

All-risk insurance for clumsiness 

All-risk insurance coverage sudden and unforeseen event, and refers to when something is broken, damaged or lost as a result of such an event. All-risk is often a coverage you need to add, but can sometimes be included in your home insurance. A misinterpretation of having all-risk insurance may be that you will get compensation for your stuff regardless of what has happened to it, but of course there are some exceptions in your insurance terms. For example wear and tear, is something that is not covered by the insurance.

Get rid of pests and bugs in your home

Do you live in a house and have problems with rats, ants or other insects that have found their way into the house? With a house insurance, you can immediately contact a decontamination company, before the situation becomes worse. It’s in the interest of any insurance company that pests don’t do more damage to the house than what can be prevented, and therefore you rarely have to pay any fees for decontamination. So, if you have a wasp nest under your roof that disturbs your peace of mind while having a coffee break on the porch, don’t hesitate to call a decontamination firm, and they will come to your house and remove the nest.